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Here's me as a Quake Soldier/Player, you can click on either character to see a Black and White VRML 3D representation. You can download a copy of CureMode.Zip which contains the MDL files for the Character and Armor replacement for Quake Registered Users. Once you do, you can play me in Single Player or Deathmatch Mode. You can get an Unpacker for the Registered Version of Quake at the Quake Stomping Grounds along with many other Quake utilities and hacks. Check out my Quake sections on Playing Quake over the Internet in Quake Internet Tips and about joining my Quake Clan, The Clan of the Caveman.

Please note the registered version requires an UnPacker to Unpack the Pak0.Pak file which is not included in the Zip file. Also remember to backup the original MDLs that are replaced by mine. Below is an Animated gif of my character in action.

Quake Gif Animation
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SoundClick here to hear the Sound in AU Format.Sound