We made it to BattleLAN in Newburgh, NY, it was our first Quake 2 event of 98'. We would like to thank Jesse "BenReeper" Sutton and all his pals for organizing the event.

Jesse is trying to organize future BattleLANs and hoping to make it a regular event, you can contact him at for more information or click the BattleLAN logo above.

BattleLAN 1 BattleLAN 2

CureMode presents BenReeper with his Honorary Caveman T-shirt and Rimmer getting the Caveman stuff set up.

BattleLAN 3 BattleLAN 4

BenReeper's Cool PC setup and some other PCs set up at the event.

BattleLAN 5 BattleLAN 6

Gumby, Stank, and Rimmer getting ready to Battle it out and a group shot of most of the attendees.

BattleLAN 7

Stank and Rimmer helping pack up our crap into the CureMode mobile...

Also check out my GameRoom, possibly a site for future mini LAN parties...

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