Photos and Updates

The first few photos are of me with the Empire City Garrison, and posing with Ethan Phillips and Robert Duncan McNeill. Those were taken at the Chiller Theatre Halloween Convention 2000. The other photos are from various Conventions over the past 10 years. (Click to enlarge photos)

Con photo1
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Ethan Phillips
Con photo2
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Robert Duncan McNeill
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Billy Dee
Con photo4
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Boomer
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Scotty
Tye & The Empire City Garrison
with Uncle Owen
Con photo4
Tye & Barbara Luna
Tye & Claudian Christian
Tye & Grace Lee Whitney
Tye & David Prows
Tye & Linda Harrison
Tye & Peter Mahew and Wife
Conphoto 10
Tye & Richard Hatch
Conphoto 14
Tye & Andreas Katsulas
Conphoto 15
Tye & Bruce Boxlieter
Conphoto 16
Tye & France Nuyen
Tye & Celeste Yarnall
Tye & Gary & Kier
Conphoto 19
UFC Group Photo
Tye w/Colin Baker
Tye & Madeline
w/ Virginia Hey
Conphoto 22
Tye w/ Mike Forrest
Tye at UFC
Tye at UFC w/ Mike & Marina
Conphoto 27
Tye w/ Ray Park
Tye w/ Peter Jurasik
Tye w/ Mercedes Nogh
Conphoto 30
Billy Boyd signing
Tye's Poster
Tye w/ Billy "Pippen
the Hobbit" Boyd's
Tye w/ Brian
Downey from LEXX
Conphoto 33
Tye w/ Icon satire
signed by all the guests
Conphoto 34
Tye w/ Chris Demetral
Conphoto 35
Tye w/ Lani Tupi
Conphoto 36
Tye w/ Leni & Rochelle
Conphoto 37
Tye w/ Robert Leeshock
Conphoto 38
Tye w/ Leni & Rochelle
Conphoto 42
Tye w/ Dee Wallace Stone
Conphoto 40
Tye w/ Spice Williams
Conphoto 39
Tye w/ Anthony Simcoe
Conphoto 41
Tye w/ Richard Herd
Conphoto 43
Tye w/ Felix Silla & Erik Walker
Conphoto 44
Tye w/ Celeste Yarnall
Conphoto 45
Tye w/ Gil Gerard
Conphoto 46
Tye w/ Starfighter
Conphoto 47
Tye w/ Marc Singer
Conphoto 48
Tye w/ Jonathan Hardy
Conphoto 49
Tye w/ JG Hertzer
Conphoto 50
Tye w/ Vaugn Armstrong
Conphoto 51
Tye w/ Corin Nemic
Conphoto 52
Tye w/ Teryl Rothery
Conphoto 53
Galactica Cast 99'
Conphoto 54
Tye w/ Ken Foree from
Dawn of the Dead
Conphoto 55
Tye w/ Noah "Boxey" Hathaway
from Battlestar Galactica
Conphoto 56
Tye w/ Amy Allen
(Jedi Aayla Secura)
Conphoto 57
Tye w/ Garret Wang
of Voyager
Conphoto 55
Tye w/ Lone
Conphoto 59
Tye w/ Babylon 5
Conphoto 61
Tye w/ John
Rys Davis
Conphoto 62
Tye w/ Adam West
Conphoto 63
Tye w/ Batmobile
Conphoto 64
Tye w/ Steve Bacic
Conphoto 65
Tye w/ Alexis Cruz
Conphoto 66
Tye w/ Tricia Helfer
Conphoto 60
Tye w/ R2D2
Conphoto 67
Tye in PA
Conphoto 68
Tye meets a
Dalek and K-9
Conphoto 69
Tye w/ Matthew Lewis

Conphoto 70
Tye w/ Paul Carr
& Mike Forrest
Conphoto 71
Tye w/ Marc Alamo
Conphoto 72
Tye w/ Armin Shimerman
Conphoto 73
Tye w/ Max Groelick
Conphoto 74
Tye w/ Aron Eisenberg
Conphoto 75
Tye w/ Ethan Phillips

Conphoto 76
Tye w/ Jason Carter
& Richard Biggs.

Conphoto 77
Tye w/ Jason McKean

Conphoto 78
Tye w/ John Corbet

Conphoto 79
Tye w/ Chase Masterson

Conphoto 80
Tye w/ Apollo 11

Conphoto 81
Tye w/ Kevin Sorbo

Conphoto 82
Tye w/ Bob May

Conphoto 83
Tye w/ Wayne Pygram

Conphoto 84
Tye w/ Noel Neill
Conphoto 85
Tye w/ Buzz & Family
Con photo 86
Tye & Nathan Fillion
Con photo 87
Tye & Jake Lloyd
Con photo 88
Tye & Orli Shoshan
Con photo 89
Robert Picardo
Con photo 90
Garrat Wang
Con photo 91
Alien Warrior
Con photo 92
Robert Picardo w/ Garrat Wang
Con photo 93
Robert Picardo w/ The King
Con photo 94
Robert Picardo

Past Updates

Tye Vegas
Tye Vegas 2

Tye Bourdony and the Lighter Side of Sci-Fi are proud to have helped sponsor Robert Picardo's 2nd Annual Charity benefit for Habitat for Humanity. Tye appeared at the event, and showed his work in a gallery style showing to help raise money for this worthy cause. Please visit Robert Picardo's Website and the up coming issue of Star Trek Magazine, for info on new events.

Robert Picardo speaking in front of Tyes satire gallery to the Charity event attendees.

    Paul Carr 1934 - 2006

    It is with a sad heart that I anounce the passing of a wonderfull man and accomplished actor. Paul Carr left us on February 17th and I will truly miss him as he was a great guy and friend. Paul's list of film and television credits is as long as my arm and he was truly a warm and caring man and no Sci-Fi fan will forget his role in, "Where no man has gone before" and Buck Rogers among others. Thanks for everything Paul and safe journey.
    Tye with Paul Carr and Mike Forrest. Paul was a great gentleman and actor and will indeed be missed.

    Greg Evigan from
    "Tek War" and "BJ and the Bear"

    Aaron Douglas from BSG.

    I had a great time in Vegas at the Las Vegas Creation 40th Anniversary Star Trek tribute and I met two actors whom I was very impressed with. First I met Aaron Douglas from Battlestar Galactica who was just walking around like us regular folks and stopped by my table. He laughed a lot, was a great guy and after I gave him some satires in which he appreciated being drawn in very good shape, he walked back to my table and had brought me a signed photo of his character which read, "Thanks for drawing me thin . . . Great art Man!" I also had the pleasure of meeting Greg Evigan who you will know from "Tek War" and "BJ and the Bear", he was really nice and I loved BJ and the Bear when I was a kid, so you can imagine how nice it was to meet him in person and for him to be really great with cool monkey stories about "Bear" from the 70's TV show. Thanks guys!

The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi is proud to say that Tye's satires, with the help of convention and celebrity endorsements, have helped to raise $9200.00 for charity.