Items For Sale

These celebrity signed items are currently up For Sale exclusively at The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi for the prices listed above. You can also buy copies of any cartoons you see on the site, for $4.00 each, two cartoons for $7.00, three cartoons for $8.00, or five cartoons for $10.00. Tye also helped Stephen Austin with the artwork for his new comedy CD, "Extreme Comedy". You can purchase a signed copy of the CD by Tye and Stephen Austin for $10.00 or a T-Shirt featuring the artwork for $15.00. If you are interested in purchasing any items, please contact Tye in an e-mail at

Signed by Michael Dorn
and Richard Hatch $50.

Signed by
Ray Park $35.

Signed by Signed by six actors:
Andreas Katsulas, Julie Cailin Brown,
Herb Jefferson, Jason Carter,
Richard Biggs, & Brian Downey $75.

Signed by Robert
Duncan McNeil $25.

Satire signed by
Felix Silla $20.00.

3D image signed by Felix Silla, comes
with 2 pairs of 3D glasses $30.00.

Signed by both Corin Nemic
and Teryl Rothery $45.

Signed by Anthony Simcoe, Gigi
Edgley & Lani Tupi $65.00.

Signed by Peter Juarasic $30.00.

Signed by Barbara Luna,
Grace Lee Whitney, and
Celeste Yarnell. Limited
to only 25 signed pieces.
Only $40.00.

This cartoon is signed by
Michael Forest, You can order your
own copy for only $25.00.
While supplies last.

This cartoon is signed by Barbara
, and Thom Christopher,
You can order your own copy
for only $35.00. While
supplies last.

Stargate Atlantis satire
signed by Rachel Luttrell $20

BSG satire signed
by Tricia Helfer $25

Mira Furlon of Babylon 5
Signed Cartoon $25

Conner Trineer from Enterprise
Signed Cartoon $25

B5 satire signed by Claudia
Christian $30 each (12 Available)

Tye made this 3D image for the Cast of
Buck Rogers and got it signed by Buck
himself, Gil Gerard. There is only one
of these signed by Mr. Gerard and
the 8 1/2 x 11 3D piece with viewing
glasses can be yours for only $40.00.
This will also come with a free
mini-collection of Tye's cartoons.

3D image signed by Paul Carr.
$40.00, 3D glasses included.