Clan Of The Caveman (AKA The Caveman Clan) is a Multiplayer Gaming Clan which uses Captain Caveman as our mascot. We have played everything from Quake I thru III, Half Life 1 & 2, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament, Halo 1 thru 3, and other Internet and LAN playable games that we enjoy. We recently started playing Halo 2 & 3 on XBOX Live and CureMode joined up with a group called They specialize in matching up older players, you have to be 25 Years old or older to join. Check out CureMode's signature below and visit the site, we Also have a CaveMan team on the site.

CureMode - 2Old2Play

We are listed on various Clan Pages, and we are a member of the original Clan Ring. Check out our Member List to see the original members of the clan. We have also attended and supported LAN party events when possible, we first attended the big M3 event in NYC in 97', Click here to see some pictures from the nor defunct Pseudo Studios. We also attended a few big Quake2 Events in 98' including, BattleLAN , Click here to see pictures from the event. We haven't been to one in a while so if you know of any in the New York area please E-mail

If your interested in joining please E-mail so the Clan can consider your member request. We play on XBOX Live most often, so please have and XBOX Live account and provide your username. Please check out our Clan Of The Caveman Yahoo Club, You can sign up there as well and see the latest news about the clan and upcoming events.

TechTV Lan Party

On March 27th, 2003 CureMode got to play on TechTV's Screensaver Lan Party via the internet on his favorite game Quake III Arena. He won his round and hopefully will get to appear again. The Screen Savers used to air at 7PM EST weekdays on TechTV, it has now become Attack of the Show.

TechTV 1
In Game
TechTV 2
TechTV Cast
TechTV 3
End Scores

Past Events:

Our member, Paul Stankovics (Stank) organized the BFG Blast LAN Event in Queens, NY , on June 6th 1998 and September 19th, 1998. Take a look at BFG Blast Picture Page 1 or BFG Blast Picture Page 2 to see pictures from the events.

We now regularly attend Gamers LAN, Click here to see pictures from the event in October 98', Click here to see pictures from the event in February 99', Click here to see pictures from the event in April 99' or Click here to see pictures from the most recent event in February 2000. The next Gamers LAN is being planned for the near future. Please contact Viper if your interested, you must sign up to attend. Also check out the new GamersLAN Yahoo Club is sadly gone. It did feature a weekly Shooters Show (formerly Quake Cast), every Thursday from 7-8PM EST. It featured Real Audio and Video with Live interviews, and gave players a chance to speak their mind about the whole Quake and 3D shooter Phenomena. Curemode from The Clan of the Caveman was a featured guest on 10/3/96, 10/10/96, and 1/9/97. We also received a Clan Annointment during a ceremony on the show way back in 1997. (Click here to see Certificate)

All Caveman members can get the Clan T-shirt for $15, to cover the cost of the T-shirts and Color Bubble Jet Transfers, plus $3 Shipping. These only come in Extra Large and they must be paid for by Check or Money Order. We now offer the T-shirt in the designs featured below, as well as a Quake 3 and Halo 2 Version. Please E-mail to place an Order.

Caveman T-Shirt Pics

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