CureMode's Films

These are my amateur 8mm films Fried and Cured I recently transferred to digital. Click on either one below to view the AVI versions. For easier access they are also now on my You Tube page along with a funny Playstation contest entry I submitted, and some other videos. The quality is a bit downgraded for internet viewing, you can download them from here as well (Fried / Cured). These were are also featured on - Showtime's Online new movie venue (No longer up).

Fried Cured

Showtime Film Festival

Both of my films were featured on They both won runner up awards for best film in their catagories. They are called Fried - in the Thiller/Horror Catagory, and Cured - in the Drama Catagory. They were both shot on 8mm film, Fried is about a mad Student and Cured revolves around a broken hearted guy (me). They were both on the Showtime Alternative Media Film Festival back in 2000, thanks for voting for them.

Credits: Special thanks to Mark Paskowsky for his performance in Fried and his help in filming and producing Cured. I would also like to thank Karina Laveccia (woman in both), Charlie Ranado, Rick DiMasi, and Debra Toscano (cameo in Cured) for their help in making these movies possible.