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Below are some of the events I attended in 2009, including the Long Island Autism Walk, the Robot Chicken Skate Party, ComicCon, Giant Kids Day, STOMP Sarcoma, Potter Barn Kids, and Sci-Fi Science. Sci-Fi Science is a new show on the Science Channel hosted by Physicist Michio Kaku. I taped segments for all 10 episodes, and I was featured in and out of Armor, hopefully they will use some of that footage on the series. It airs every Tuesday at 10PM EST on the Science Channel. Also some shots from the Big Apple Con, The Puppetry Arts Halloween Carnival 2009, Trick or Treating with the kids, and the Today Show Halloween Special. I was the 2nd trooper to the left of the Emperor's Chair. Check out Page 1, Page 2, Page 3 and Page 5 for some action shots at recent events I have attended in the armor. Check out Page 6 for details on some further upgrades to make the armor more movie accurate.

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TK-6744 on the Today Show for LFL 10/30/2009

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