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CureMode's Stormtrooper Project


Below are some shots from ComicCon 2010, Time Square with the United Firefighters Association 2010, Long island Roller Rebels 2010, Stony Brook Hospital 2010, Polar Plunge 2011, Intrepid 2011, and Sci-Fi Science Season 2 Screenshots. They are not in any specific order, I use this page to post various event photos as they happen. You can see my X-Wing, Luke, and Emperor costume in some of the shots. Check out Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, and Page 4 for some action shots at recent events I have attended in the armor. Check out Page 6 for details on some further upgrades to make the armor more movie accurate.

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TK-6744 Presenting Dr. Michio Kaku 501st Award 07/16/2010

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