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CureMode's Stormtrooper Project


Below are some shots of my Stormtrooper armor after I completed some extensive upgrades to get it to an Elite level. I joined a popular forum called FISD - The First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment, part of They maintain very high standards for Stormtrooper Armor, to ensure that it is as movie accurate as possible. They have resources and tips on how to get your armor to an "Elite" level. $500 and three months of work later, my costume is finally at that level. The upgrades included a new ABS Hero helmet thats much more accurate then the standard FX one. I also closed the side gaps, upgraded my blaster with a mod kit, added a canvas belt, cut the butt plate, and a host of other major and minor upgrades. The biggest recent additions are the communicator, Grappling Hook w/box, and Latex Handplates, that make up my new Hero Stormtrooper setup. The next 3 shots compare the old FX helmet on the left to the new accurate fiberglass stunt one on the right. The last few shots are of my new ABS screen accurate "wonky" hero helmet. Special thanks to Tray for hooking me up with the hero kit, and helping me build it correctly. Special thanks to Phillip Moy ( for taking the first 9 photos. The last 9 are of my new car design. Just completed Stormtrooperfying my car with some Vinyl decal material. Created the design myself to emulate a Stormtrooper helmet. Took me about a week to cut it, and a few hours to apply. I have wanted to do this since I got this car two years ago, and I finally decided to go for it. I tried to use all the major elements of the helmet and make them fit the shape of the car.

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TK-6744 On My long Island TV 10/03/2010

TK-6744 At the Intrepid 02/21/2011

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